I was at my local Starbucks yesterday, sipping my coffee, with my laptop open. A guy came and asked if he could sit there, and I said I had no problem with it. When I told him I was a dissertation expert, he got a little excited and started asking more about it and I kept replying while looking at my screen and typing. But suddenly, he asked something that made me stop working and look at him.
He asked me, “What Happens If You Fail Your Dissertation? I looked at him, sliding my laptop aside and placing the coffee cup on the table, and replied to him, “I never thought about it". But I could see he was afraid of failing – that’s why he had asked this question. Hence I decided to give him a little life lesson that I had learned over the years. 
It’s best to keep things as simple as possible - when you are approaching something, the only question you should be focusing on is, “how will I get there?” You have to keep your head clear of all the “what if’s”. 
That’s what I told him and if you are having doubts, this is for you too.