Descriptive essays are primarily written for describing a theme or topic in great detail. As the name signifies, descriptive essay writing refers to the descriptive account of a person, place, event, incident, situation or anything which the writer wants to describe in detail. 

Descriptive essays may sound can become monotonous if the appropriate vocabulary and terminology are not used for writing the essay.
A distinct variety of essay types, descriptive essays can be made interesting and eventful with the help of imagery and metamorphic devices to brighten and lighten up the essay. Appealing to the senses and emotions is a major quality of good descriptive essay in which writers use string words and phrases to create a picture in the mind of the reader and engage the attention thoroughly.

Descriptive essay should not be like stories which begin with ‘once upon a time’; rather they should have in interesting and captivating beginning to invite the reader’s attention and hold it throughout the essay. Creating an image with the help of most appropriate words is one of the primary aspects of descriptive essay writing which the writer can do with the help of the right words. For instance, suspense and thrill can be initiated in the mind of the reader through words like ‘blood red’ or ‘creepy cavern’. Similar terms can be used to bring out other emotions when describing something – for instance a man can be described as ‘breathtakingly handsome’ or a woman can be described as ‘sensuously voluptuous’.If you need to write my annotated bibliography, describe the most important moments of your life, nothing extra is required. If you follow this rule, everything will be fine.

Every aspect of the theme or topic of discussion in the descriptive essay should be described in such detail that an image is carved in the mind of the reader who begins to visualise the person, event or situation in the mind. A truly engaging descriptive essay will captivate the attention of the reader and build a stream of images in the mind of the reader. Imagination is a key aspect of descriptive essay writing and the writer should use all the possible devices to create a real picture for the reader to imagine, with the help of striking words and phrases.